We create

places to gather.

innovation hubs.

for inclusivity.


We become

community makers.

a country of progress.

each other’s safe space.


We are a masterplanning and design strategy studio looking to work with investors, land owners, and policymakers to create spaces of growth and positive impact.



with nature.

We become champions of change.

Nature has the power to not only create value, but also change people, community and culture. We strive to tap into that power sustainably so that the returns come today and keep coming tomorrow.

To us, sustainability is a sum of the people + profit + planet. We design with a long-term vision to balance all three elements and ensure a beautiful coherence. 

Our Approach.

Every aspect of our work is guided by these core values:
Purpose Driven

Our Projects.

Parkshore Residences

Landscape Architecture
9,000 sqm
Davao, Philippines

De La Salle University

Masterplanning + Landscape Architecture
92,000 sqm
Laguna, Philippines

T.O.W.N. Events

Place Visioning
10,000 sqm
Rizal, Philippines

Let's get started.

Anterra Studio is where creators, visionaries, innovators, and trailblazers unite to shape the future. In this global collaborative space, fresh resources, groundbreaking ideas, and diverse perspectives converge, fostering innovation that knows no bounds.

Experience the transformative synergy of design and nature as we unlock your land's potential. With each project we undertake, we create, evolve, and become a collective force of positive change.